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Persian Sazeh Parto Company has been established in 2006 to design, manufacture and erection of transmission line towers, telecommunication towers and industrial structures and has set its agenda to use experienced and highly skilled professionals in desired fields. Considering this idea, with modern production lines and modern industrial plants and advanced software has been able to extend its activity and develop into one of the leading companies in the field of design, manufacture and erection of transmission lines up to 400 KV and high voltage substations, various types of telecommunication towers and the other steel structures required for oil and gas industries and successfully implement several strategic hand key and EPC projects. High quality products and optimal performance of projects and customer satisfaction is the obvious evidence of the claim.

Last News

  • Electrification of Parand substation 230KV/DC Transmission Line

    230KV/DC Telescopic Transmission Line inside Parand power plant complex was electrified.
  • Electrification of Sormagh-Abarkouh 230KV/DC Transmission Line

    Sormagh-Abarkouh 230KV/DC Transmission Line with total length of 70 Km was electrified.
  • Electrification of Mondedashti Cement 132 KV/DC Transmission Line

    Mondedashti Cement Factory 132 KV/DC Transmission Line was electrified.